Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Importance of Packaging Design at the Supermarket

The packaging of a product has a strong influence on consumers, and it can even determine whether the consumer will purchase it or not. Graphic designers are a significant part of any industry that offers products, and is an industry fo its own as well. A lot goes into successful packaging design, and it is critical to understand and pay attention to each aspect.

Charity and simplicity are the first two things that goe into the main factor of good packaging design- understanding the products and brand. The packaging design should be distinctive, and the branding should be easy to spot. The first things you want a consumer to find out from the packaging is what the brand is and what the product inside is. If these questions are not immediately apparent the consumer will move on, they will not be standing in the store trying to figure out what exactly is inside the packaging. It has also to reflect the product inside. There are discrepancies on the market in terms of packaging and the nature of the product that could cause real problems such as washing products made to look like juice because of the design of the label.

The honest depiction is something that has been lacking in branding and design of the packaging since the dawn of the industry. One might think only startup companies and designers would be guilty of faulty product depiction, but large corporations do it all the time as well. Think fast food restaurants. Those go to great lengths to make their products look more healthy and delicious through their marketing and packaging design.

Misleading the consumer with beautiful and tasty looking products while the reality looks different when you take it out of the packaging will only lead to disappointment. The consumer will not buy the same product again in most cases, especially if the flavor does not hold up, and in some cases, the consumer will not be purchasing from the same brand as a whole. Some examples are fruit yogurts that present the product with many fresh and healthy looking pieces of fruit while inside their dried out and few and far between. Treats with chocolate pieces inside may present the treat to be fluffy and delicious with a lot of chocolate while in reality there is barely any chocolate. Misleading the consumers is never a good idea.

Authenticity and staying true to the brand is also a plus and even a requirement for successful packaging design. Different products should have some similarities in the packaging such as a motif, font, a color scheme. Use one or more of these in various packaging supplies for the same brand to make it stand out from the rest and to look coherent.

All of this contributes to positive shelf impact. The consumer never sees the product on is own on a shelf or in great detail from the get-go. It has to stand out to them ins some way for the consumer to reach out and take a closer look at the product. Making the packaging more distinctive and being cold and different with it while still presenting the product inside accurately will make sure that the product performs well on the shelf and reaches the check-out. That is the main goal of a product and good packaging design contributes a lot to it.

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